About BTS

The purpose of the Beyond The Stats blog will be to enlighten athletes, coaches, and fans on a different way to view the sport. Quite simply, we will aim to breakdown the on-field movement patterns of the NFL’s best players and further serve to highlight both their strengths and weaknesses. In this process, the reader will begin to realize what makes given athletes at the highest levels of qualification different from athletes at lower levels. In addition, we will pinpoint exactly how players could be even better and more proficient at the tasks that they commonly perform on the field.

5 thoughts on “About BTS

  1. I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your blog thus far. I am new in the sports performance world but have high aspirations. Any tips for a young coach??

    • Good day James,
      Thank you very much for your words. They are very much appreciated.
      As for tips…there are tons of things that people can and will tell you. Advice from you need to be a sponge and soak everything up, to getting as much experience as humanly possible from people in the field, to engrossing yourself in multiple view points from leaders in our field. However, in my opinion, the thing that is never said that should be is that you should always keep your passion and energy for the field…for people with the highest levels of passion and energy will find a way to change the world whether its in this profession or any other realm of life. Hope that helps…keep your high aspirations and follow it up with unwavering faith in what you are doing!
      Best wishes,

  2. Hey Shawn is there a way to get in contact with you (email)? If you have time, I would love to interview you. It would be a paper based interview and would like to send you a set of questions. Let me know if this would work and how to contact you. Thanks
    Michael Zweifel

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