2017 Play of the Week – Week 12

Game: Packers at Steelers AND Buccaneers at Falcons

Play: Déjà vu!

AB84 pic 1

Julio pic 4.jpg

What makes this the BTS Play of the Week?

We have been featuring the top play, from a movement standpoint, every week of each NFL season since the beginning of 2013. Each week I scan the games that occurred, leaving no stone unturned (I have my lack of social life to prove it); to ensure that I give credit where credit is due and feature the player who I strongly feel was deserving of the nod.

Through all of those players, over the span of nearly five full NFL seasons we have never had what we are about to in week 12 of this 2017 season: a player being awarded our top movement play of the week on consecutive weeks. Coincidentally enough, it wasn’t just one player! If you will recall, in week 11, we featured both Antonio Brown and Julio Jones as our top dogs. Well, welcome to Groundhog’s Day because the same is the case here this week. It may seem as though I am taking the easy way out here, but I can assure you that you won’t find better movement performances across the league than that which is displayed on these two plays by these two extraordinary players.

What happened movement-wise on the play?

As ironic as it is by itself to have the top performers be the same ones on back to back weeks…it’s even crazier how the plays were carried out in comparison to last week’s and the movement qualities which underpinned the processes which led to their success. Well, like clockwork, en route to days leading to 10 catches for 169 yards and 2 touchdowns (Brown) and 12 catches for 253 and 2 touchdowns (Jones), the top two wide receivers in the game brought us a déjà vu moment in every regard when they once again shined bright through the use of what I referred to as the sixth sense of movement…kinesthetic sense & awareness. Last week, we also discussed what I feel what we can do, as football movement specialists and performance coaches, to develop this quality in our players.

AB84 pic 2

APTOPIX Buccaneers Falcons Football

As you will see when you watch the plays, these Houdini-like movement solutions, with the sixth sense as their drivers, bring together perception and action, information and movement, like no other play you are likely to see in an annual NFL year. Both of these individuals, Brown with his cool, calm, and collected snag and toe-drag, and Jones with his opposite shoulder, fluid contortion with his body, hands, and feet, show us what it’s like to be still amidst chaos and make even the most challenging and novel of movement problems no match for skill and mastery. Of course, I could ramble on and on as I so often do when discussing exceptional, adaptive movement behavior but instead I am going to shut up (don’t get used to it) and let these two guys, who are playing at otherworldly levels right now, do the talking for me.

Here is our former Mover of the Year (2015) working his typical magic:


Finally, here is Brown’s equal, Julio, showing that he won’t be outdone:





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