2015 All-Movement Team: Offense

In case you’ve been waiting patiently for it…it’s finally here!

For the third year in a row, here is the one “All-fill-in-blank NFL Team” that differs significantly from all others out there regarding the evaluation process. Our list is the only one you will find anywhere that is devised on all-around on-field movement proficiency and human performance characteristics of players!

Thus, please remember that we don’t care about most traditional quantitative statistics here. Instead, I make my selections based on the evaluation of an athlete’s efficiency and display of his on-field movement patterns only.

Note: If you missed last year’s All-Movement team (Part 1; Offense & Part 2; Defense) you can do so by checking them out here:

Part 1:


Part 2:


However, that is the past and the future is now. Thus, to pay homage to the most masterful movers currently playing in the NFL, here is the Third Annual, 2015 All-Movement Team.

All-Movement Team; Offense


General Movement Qualities Evaluated: Elusiveness while moving in the pocket, Making plays with feet when plays break down

First Team: Russell Wilson (Seahawks)


– Consistent; was our Top Mover at the position last year and an Honorable Mention Mover the year before (to Cam Newton)

– Quality standard; can make plays in all aspects of the game and has allowed his athleticism to

– Diverse; can make plays in all aspect of the game;. Wilson lets his feet take him out of many situations that are witnessed in both drastic situations (i.e. a play breaks down and he must improvise ) as well as subtle ones (i.e. slight movement flow in any direction while in the pocket when rush pursuit overcomes blocking)

– Awareness; has uncanny knack for perception & sense of the right time to move when chaos gets to be too much

– Transcending; RB-like movement kinematics when in change of direction/agility situations. Has quick acceleration & sharp slicing.

Watch Russell Wilson put those movement qualities into play on this video here:


Second Team: Cam Newton (Panthers)

Third Team: Tyrod Taylor (Bills)

Running Backs

General Movement Qualities Evaluated: Robust movement strategy use in diverse conditions, Stopping/cutting on a dime, Accelerative burst

First Team: Adrian Peterson (Vikings)


– Expanding; has long been the best overall running back in the league but now at 30 years old has found his way to the top movers at the running back position (per my evaluation)

– Linear; has always had extraordinary explosive burst in short-distance acceleration and mid-range global output (i.e. velocities attained) and even at 30 years old hasn’t lost this (note: though in my opinion the technical execution/mechanics can still use some tweaking to put more of his extreme specific motor potential/strength qualities to the most use)

– Evolving movement strategy usage; unconsciously added more efficient movement strategies especially as it pertains to his anticipation and perception of the right movement solution at the right time. This, in my belief from study, has occurred through a natural emergence of experiential learning (i.e. the dynamical systems theory at play in front of our very eyes)

– More biomechanically efficient; A). a wider base of support and lower center of gravity when in the open field with smaller/quicker defenders. B). a more frequently occurring outside foot power cut into reacceleration step as opposed to a formerly occurring crossover in many cutting situations. C). More rapid deceleration & sharper cutting than we have witnessed from him every before

Watch AD28 doing his thing on this video here:


Second Team: Devonta Freeman (Falcons)

Third Team (tie): Chris Ivory (Jets), Thomas Rawls (Seahawks) & Lamar Miller (Dolphins)

Wide Receivers (3)

General Movement Qualities Evaluated: Crisp/precise route running, Dynamics in the open field, Linear football speed (ability & mechanics)

First Team: Antonio Brown (Steelers)


– Consistent; last year’s top moving WR and has not only not missed a beat but has gotten EVEN better

– Masterful; possess his own authentic movement signature in both acceleration (i.e. plyo step start, rapid/shorter stride steps, sharp front side kinematics) and deceleration (i.e. can

-Diverse; can utilize any number of movement solutions (i.e. outside foot plant power cut or speed cut when changing direction, plyo step/crossover step/power step into reacceleration, etc) when he has a ball in his hands in unpredictable situations while in the open field. In fact, he may be the best at doing this since Barry Sanders.

– Technically proficient; the most precise route runner doing it right now

– Mechanically efficient; displays an extreme amount of rapid force absorption going into breaks and equally explosive coming out of them

Watch the best moving in the biz, Antonio Brown, right here:


Second Team: Amari Cooper (Raiders)

Third Team (tie): Odell Beckham Jr (Giants), Doug Baldwin (Seahawks) & Stefan Diggs (Vikings)

Tight Ends

General Movement Qualities Evaluated: Wide receiver-like route running, Athleticism to make plays happen after the catch, Proficiency to be an effective blocker

First Team: Delanie Walker (Titans)


– Dynamic; behaves more like a wide receivers in many senses as one of the more athletic guys at the position on the League

– Explosive; has tremendous sudden acceleration out of breaks and great midrange speed to run away from defenders after getting past the second level

– Crafty; can get separation on routes and knows how to use spacing to execute movement solutions once he has a ball in his hands

Take a quick peek at the dynamic moves of Delanie Walker right here:


Second Team: Charles Clay (Bills)

Third Team: Eric Ebron (Lions)

Did you enjoy this? If so, you’re in luck! Tomorrow we will introduce you to the All-Movement Defense and Special Teams and the Mover of the Year later this week!


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