2014 BTS All-Movement Team : Offense

Just as I did a year ago, I elected to whip together another BTS All-Movement Team this year. Of course, I know that everybody and their brother seems to release a list of top performers in the League this time of the year. However, I am willing to argue that my list differs significantly from all others out there!

This list is the only one you will find anywhere that is devised all-around on-field movement proficiency and human performance characteristics of players!

That’s right: in true Beyond the Stats fashion, we don’t care about traditional quantitative statistics. Instead, I make my selections based on the evaluation of an athlete’s efficiency and display of his on-field movement patterns only. In short; like when evaluating the direction that training & development methods should go, movement is our screen and represents the lens with which we will evaluate players on below.

Note: if you want to check out the 2013 All-Movement team (Part 1; Offense & Part 2; Defense) while also reading more about the premise behind the list or the particular guidelines employed you can do so here:



In addition, last year there was some question as to exactly what I was looking at as I evaluated the movement of players within each position group. Thus, this time around, I elected to give a short snippet regarding that investigation of each one.

It should go without saying (but I will anyway) that obviously I am only one man. And even though I watch a lot of professional football (my lack of social life would probably be enough of an indication of this), there are teams that I end up seeing more of than others. Thus, I could’ve missed a player’s best body of work at some positions and this could’ve resulted in some unfair rankings or comparisions. That all said, I am pretty confident in the list that I put together below.

So, as tribute to their performances this past season and without further adieu, here is the Second Annual 2014 All-Movement Team : Offense.

Quarterback (1)
General Movement Qualities Evaluated: Elusiveness while moving in the pocket, Making plays with feet when plays break down

1. Russell Wilson (Seahawks)

Wilson play pic 1

– Honorable Mention Mover last year (to Cam Newton)
-The new standard for a overall playmaker at the position
-Built like a RB more than a QB, Wilson lets his feet take him out of many situations
-Quick acceleration & sharp slicer when changing direction in tight quarters


Honorable Mention- Aaron Rodgers (Packers), Andrew Luck (Colts), Tony Romo (Cowboys)

Running Backs (3)
General Movement Qualities Evaluated: Robust movement strategy use in diverse conditions, Stopping/cutting on a dime, Accelerative burst

1. Jamaal Charles (Chiefs)
Charles 14

-The new undisputed champion of movers at the running back position
-Added more efficient movement strategies that he was employing and the biomechanical positions associated with those strategies (formerly crossed over in most cutting situations whereas this year saw him power cutting off of an outside planted foot more frequently)
-Highest of movement mastery level (shown by his anticipation, perception, & decision-making to use the right movement strategy at the right time)
-The standard for linear speed at the position (world class in comparison to other RBs that is)


2. Le’Veon Bell (Steelers)

Bell 14

-Maybe the most well-rounded mover at the position
-Can go from a high running position to a very low center of gravity quickly at any point
-Gets back into his reacceleration mechanics very quickly & efficiently after deceleration & cutting actions
-Always looking to sets guys up in the open field with feinting & stutter stepping


3. LeSean McCoy (Eagles)
McCoy 14

-Last year’s BTS Mover of the Year had a down year both statistically as well as from a movement-standpoint especially early on (came on down the stretch)
-Still the shiftiest of all RBs in the league
-Nasty lateral mover with a jump cut that can be laid down anywhere on the field
-Has such high mastery of deceleration which places him going from high speeds to a controlled stop and back into any movement pattern (transition or reacceleration) to get moving again
-Efficient crossover


Honorable Mention- Frank Gore (49ers), Justin Forsett (Ravens)

Wide Receivers (3)
General Movement Qualities Evaluated: Crisp/precise route running, Dynamics in the open field, Linear football speed (ability & mechanics)

1. Antonio Brown (Steelers)

Brown 14

-The prettiest & most precise of route running as you will see in the league today
-Nasty & explosive force absorption going into breaks and explosive coming out of them
-No one more dangerous weaving through the open field with a ball in his hands after the catch


2. Odell Beckham Junior (Giants)

OBJ 14

-Tremendous kinesthetic sense & awareness (highlighted on numerous contorting catches he had)
-Not weight room strong but has a ton of specific motor potential applicable to football movement tasks (which is all anyone should care about)
-Incredible mastery with outside leg plant (in both route running and after catch)


3. Julian Edelman (Patriots)

Edelman 14

-One of my favorite movers to watch at any position
-Not physically imposing but has very well-rounded movement strategies and is crafty with their employment
-Uses sharp, rapid slicing in directional changes and all planting tasks
-Fast 3-step acceleration

Honorable Mention- Dez Bryant (Cowboys), Jordy Nelson (Packers), Randall Cobb (Packers), Calvin Johnson (Lions)

Tight Ends (2)
General Movement Qualities Evaluated: Wide receiver-like route running, Athleticism to make plays happen after the catch, Proficiency to be an effective blocker

1. Julius Thomas (Broncos)

Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts

-A physical mismatch no matter where he lines up on the field
-One of the more athletic guys at the position on the League
-Has great midrange speed with solid suddenness especially out of breaks
-Very explosive when having to go vertical

2. Jimmy Graham (Saints)

Jimmy Graham, Kareem Jackson, Glover Quin

-Physically imposing and dominant even when he is being featured in the offense
-As dangerous after the catch as anyone in the position
-Has diverse movement repertoire when moving in the open field
-Acts like he is playing basketball on a football field (mastery & craftiness with his body when the ball is in the air)

Honorable Mention- Delanie Walker (Titans), Charles Clay (Dolphins)


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